Simple steps for content marketing to create your empire

You must be rolling your eyes at the title. But hear us out! Content isn’t just content. It is the voice of a brand and business. To prospective customers or clients, it is the public persona that gives them an image of the company. With the right content, you can have a client or customer […]

Dangerous SEO Myths that could hold you back

Myths can be funny, such as bats are blind, elephants are afraid of mice, and that we eat 7 spiders a year in our sleep. That one was gross, but along with others, easily shrugged off. What if myths can be destructive? Such as your business or brand taking a hit as you were misled […]

Why does your business need an E-commerce store and How can you get a grant for it?

E-commerce, also known as ‘electronic commerce’ has significantly become an important platform for all business owners today, from small to well-known businesses. Technological developments have led to creating an urgency of online presence for businesses. Companies are able to promote their products/services online and buyers are able to shop from the comfort of their own […]

How Apple IOS14 is affecting Facebook & Instagram Advertising

There has been a lot of major changes in our lives ever since Covid, but one of the major change that happened within the digital advertising space was the iOS 14 update. So. What is iOS 14 update? iOS 14 is an apple update on their devices mainly for improvement in software, widgets, new functionalities, […]

How Google Ads Can Help My Business Grow?

How Google Ads Can Help My Business Grow? A company’s focus is to get the most out of their marketing efforts, turning leads into revenue and connect with its audience. One of the most common question companies asked is “Do Google Ads help the business to grow?”. The answer to this is YES! In this […]

SEO Part 2: Top 9 Things To Do To Optimise Content for SEO

Search engines work to improve the results on searches but in order for them to improve it you have to optimize it and thats where SEO comes into play. There are a million searches out there every day. – Have you tried numbering the stars? You can’t even see all of them! – Hence it […]

Social Media Marketing Crash Course

With 2.62 billion users worldwide in 2018 (projected to rise to 2.77 billion in 2019 alone), the rapidly expanding realm of digital marketing, social media marketing is one you cannot afford to miss. Its versatility, accessibility and global reach make it one of the go-to source of communications and information among an increasing proportion of consumers […]

How SEO Benefited Businesses During Covid-19

We have met hundreds of clients that complained about the cost for SEO and not really finding the value in it. Most of the time we immediately could guess why and it usually boils down to a couple of reasons  Their current agency or SEO provided them with a list of keywords that has no […]

Online PR (Influencer Marketing)

Contrary to popular belief, online PR is not new. The concept of promoting your brand is as old as the art of sales itself—the difference being that now, it’s easier than ever to get started. As social media continues to grow in popularity and digital channels continue to expand, online PR has become an indispensable […]

“Native advertising? What’s that?”

If you’re somewhat puzzled about what this marketing strategy entails based on its name alone, you’re in good company. In one survey, 73% of respondents stated that they either did not know what native advertising was, or were “hardly familiar” with it. Yet consumers view native ads 53% more frequently than display ads, and spending […]