Dangerous SEO Myths that could hold you back

Myths can be funny, such as bats are blind, elephants are afraid of mice, and that we eat 7 spiders a year in our sleep. That one was gross, but along with others, easily shrugged off.

What if myths can be destructive? Such as your business or brand taking a hit as you were misled into following the advice of self-proclaimed SEO “experts”.

If you want to get started on SEO by simply doing a quick Google search you will be swamped by hundreds of articles, each preaching their variation of “Must know” and “top tricks”. But how do you differentiate snake oil from facts?

Here, we list common and dangerous SEO myths to beware of:

SEO is a one-time thing


Like a car, SEO needs to be maintained and sent for repairs from time to time. Let’s use a blog post as an example. You’ve applied the proper techniques of SEO to it, successfully drawing thousands of clicks and traffic to your site, along with being consistently on the top spot of Google. This is when some may wrongfully think the credits will roll, with a “they lived happily ever after” showing up on the screen.

Content, even after being optimized for SEO, needs maintenance too! Updating it from time to time, checking for links that may have now turned into dead or broken ones. This is what will keep you in the good books of Google. If your content is outdated and riddled with broken links, or worse, has lagged behind Google’s technological advances, its rank will drop.

Once you reached a high rank doesn’t mean you’ll be untouchable, as you’ll need to be monitoring your content, and optimizing keywords, as well as, adjusting it to any updates by the search engine.

The more backlinks the better


Backlinks are like votes, the more you get, the higher it will rank on a search engine. This is because it is a signal that other websites see you as a trusted source of something. Similar to a vote of confidence, the more you get, the better. So, it makes sense to get as many backlinks as possible right?


If you set off with the notion that quantity trumps quality, then you may get a high number of visitors, but there’s a low chance that they won’t be interested in your brand. For example, if your website is about gardening, and you have a high number of backlinks from sites unrelated to it then what’s the chance that those who hopped in from the link will stay?

If thousands upon thousands of visitors come to your website, but only an incredibly small number turn into customers, clients, and subscribers, then what’s the point of a high rank?


Content does not matter

You surely have bumped into promoters in malls who are advertising a brand’s product or service. If a promoter is explaining clearly, in a manner that’s easy to understand, then you are more likely to be interested and this may lead to a sale. But what if the promoter speaks in jargon, or takes a detour into unrelated topics?

Content on your website is like the promoter, and it can make or break your brand. With the average attention span becoming shorter, the importance of quality, engaging content is higher than before.

Keywords and backlinks are crucial in SEO, but so is well-written content. If you have good content, then the links will start rolling in naturally over time, and if you want to pitch it to reputable websites for a backlink from them, it will also be easier. Furthermore, content is the only way to put targeted keywords out there, and an engaging piece is a surefire way for users to notice your brand.

There’s only 1 way to perform SEO

 “One ring to rule them all” isn’t a quote that applies to SEO. This is why strategizing is key before implementing any tactics, along with being clear on what you want, the nature of your brand and business, as well as a good dose of patience.

So, how do you know which implementation works best?

Through trial and error. What may work for others may not bring results, or worse, harm you. That’s why after getting your hands on the results, it’s important to compare them to your goals and discuss them with your team, or the agency you hired. Then, tweaks can be made to steer the results in the direction you want.

Some may proclaim that if their SEO strategy doesn’t produce results for your website, then you aren’t suited for it. This simply isn’t true! You may be a tweak away from striking gold.

SEO sounds complicated!

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