A Quick Summary On How Digital Marketing Saved Our Clients Traditional Business

For many years, one our client ran a successful clothing business. With the help of flyers, magazine ads, and other traditional marketing efforts, they were able to make a generous income. However, when Covid-19 hit that all changed.

This is the story of how digital marketing helped saved our client’s clothing store. But before we get into that, let’s take a moment to learn more about digital marketing.


What Is Digital Marketing?

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If you are not familiar with digital marketing, then you are not alone. There are still some businesses that do not utilize this form of marketing. However, those companies are falling behind the times. So, what is digital marketing and why is it so important to be a part of?

Digital marketing uses a variety of online resources to drive sales and bring exposure to a certain company or product. With the right combination of digital marketing techniques, any company can see growth. Below we will learn more about the different types of digital marketing.


Different Types of Digital Marketing

There are several different types of digital marketing. Each one of them offers a different way to reach potential clients online.

  • Content Marketing: This form of digital marketing uses informative content to attract potential buyers.
  • Search Engine Marketing: Usually Google Search Campaigns, this uses paid keywords to trigger ads to be shown at the right moments
  • Search Engine Optimization: Also known as SEO, this form of digital marketing uses keywords to organically drive free traffic.
  • Social Media Marketing: This type of digital marketing utilizes social media to drive sales.
  • Email Marketing: Email marketing is a powerful digital marketing tool that allows you to directly advertise to clients.


Why Traditional Marketing Doesn’t Work As Well Anymore?

During these hard time, traditional marketing simply doesn’t work very well. They fail to reach the right people at the right time. People are no longer going out like they use to, so marketing tools like flyers are not a wise investment.

Additionally, traditional marketing can be extremely expensive. Magazine ads, tv ads, and radio ads cost hundreds of dollars. On the other hand, digital marketing is highly affordable, and an online marketing campaign can be started for next to nothing.


How Digital Marketing Saved Our Client’s Business

When COVID-19 hit, our client’s brick-and-mortar clothing store took a huge loss. After years of running a successful business, they had fallen on hard times. People were not coming in and shopping like they used to. This was devastating to their family run businesses and the owners did not know what to do.

After contacting us, we encourage them to go in a different direction. Instead of the brick-and-mortar location, we suggested that they take their goods online. Once they agreed, we started with the following steps below:

  • Setting up an online store for them, with the option of online payment and the option of manual transfer option. The reason for doing that is because during the transition many of their audience were not comfortable with online payments yet.

Once the online shop was ready, they opened for business but there was still a lot of work to be done. To drive sales to the new shop, we started a digital marketing campaign.

  • We needed large traffic into the online store so we created a Facebook & Instagram page and ran paid advertising to their targeted audience. To our surprise, their audience reacted very well to it and sales increased faster than we expected! In fact after the first month client actually realize her profits in terms of % was higher than her brick and mortar shop!

Now that we have good audience data, we took the advantage to run a Google search and display campaign

  • With both Google & Facebook platforms running we were able to capture a large market share within her shop and we slowly expanded our range within her shop as our client increased her logistics manpower

As you can see, digital marketing helped save our client’s clothing store. By moving their store online and creating a digital marketing campaign, they were able to stay in business even during these rough times.





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