How SEO Benefited Businesses During Covid-19

We have met hundreds of clients that complained about the cost for SEO and not really finding the value in it. Most of the time we immediately could guess why and it usually boils down to a couple of reasons

  1.  Their current agency or SEO provided them with a list of keywords that has no value or rather no demand for such keywords. This is very common as most of them are recommended by the salesperson trying to hit their target with keywords that are easy to rank.
  2. SEO didn’t help them much with enquiries. Low-quality keywords will definitely not bring them traffic and of course no enquiries. Easy to rank keywords = lesser work and cost for agencies
  3. Lack of patience, most SEO takes at least six months to a year for good quality keywords to reach page 1 and sometimes even longer.


So the question now is how did SEO benefit clients that embarked on SEO before getting hit by COVID-19?

When Covid-19 hit, the majority of clients in the B2C retail industry had to cut cost on their advertising fees. This made complete sense as no one is out there shopping and buying stuff. But of course, they could quickly set up an e-commerce store to sell their products or services online. Easier said than done when you have a client already losing money on rental and staff, how can they be convinced enough to set up a store and advertise more money to get traffic into the store. With clients that have the budget for this, it’s definitely an easy recommendation but not all clients are willing to do that.

For those clients that trusted our recommendations with SEO, they have clearly benefited from it now even without paid ads running. We took two clients as an example to compare, 1 in the travel industry and 1 in the beauty industry.

As you can tell they both have an increasing amount of keywords from the start of last year which roughly stabilized until Covid-19 hit. So what is interesting here is that we can see during February was when Singapore started to have more and more cases appearing as shown in the image below:
Taken from Channel News Asia: Timeline: How the COVID-19 outbreak has evolved in Singapore so far by Michael Yong


During the month of February, things were still normal until about a month later during March was when consumers were holding back on making any purchases or rather searching for services online. This affected both of our clients and we saw a sharp drop in enquiries. Unfortunately, countries started to lockdown and Singapore announced our circuit breaker measures that put both of our clients business to a stop. This lead to pausing of all digital advertising as they could not operate their business. Thankfully they had a good amount of keywords on Page 1 that brought them organic traffic into the website. Despite being unable to operate, there are many potential customers that are waiting for things to be over so they could engage our clients for their services. With enquiries still coming in, what our clients are doing wit the enquiry is actually maintaining relationships and sharing information and updates periodically.

Imagine not having SEO done before, the potential amount of customers they will miss out during this period will be huge and when the whole world is ready to bounce back these customers are already in good relations with your competitors.



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