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If you have just started a new business and you are looking forward to growing it by reaching new customers, trim acquisition costs, and increase your revenue, Google Search Engine Marketing (SME) is the way to go. In SEM, a business pays a search engine to market their goods and services in the search results.

SEM campaigns help businesses to grow through visibility and awareness. The campaigns are effective and show results within your budget compared to SEO strategies that focus on ranking your page results in the search engines after a few months.

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is an online marketing strategy that allows business owners to market their products. The Google program is a highly growing trend in today’s marketing world. The following are some of its benefits:

Increased brand awareness for your company

By using keywords related to your business, we can help you create immediate awareness about your product or service. This can help you to connect and build a strong relationship with your potential customers.

Improved engagement with new and existing customers

SEM campaigns play a vital role in addressing your potential customers needs when they search for something online. This becomes extremely effective when you appear Infront of your potential clients when they use specific keywords to search for your products or services.

Competitive advantage

The strategy is capable of allowing you to appear side by side if not above your competitors even with a slightly lower budget. With this you do not need to worry about having a low budget.

Generates revenues quickly

The use of SEM ads is an easy way of generating revenues for the business owner, this is because your business will appear in front of customers that has the intent for your product or services.

Reaches target audience on time and in the right place

With most people looking for information online, SEM allows you to reach out to very targeted customers at the right place and time when they are searching for something. This is what Google calls the 4 game-changing moments that really matter.

  • 1) I want to know moment
  • 2) I want to go moment
  • 3) I want to do moment
  • 4) I want to buy moment

In this 4 possible scenarios SEM allows businesses to be there to provide your customers what they need.

Types of SEM
(YouTube, Display Ads and Paid Search)

Several types of Google Search Engine Marketing exist, but the most common ones include:


This helps one display their video ads in YouTube search results, before, during, or after a YouTube video.

Display Ads

With this online paid advertising, one can use text and images. Among the popular forms of display, including landing pages, pop-ups, and banners.

Paid Search

Helps businesses to advertise with sponsored search engine listings by paying when their ad is displayed.

How we implement Google Campaign

Keyword Research

Generate terms that your prospects use when searching for your information. We can use online tools to get the keywords or get clues from competitors.

Page Setup

Ensuring tracking of conversions are properly setup

Campaign Setup

Ensuring all position ads and extensions are implemented

Optimizing Quality Score

When your quality score is high, its likely your keywords are going to be cheaper and most likely translate into conversions

Optimizing Quality Score

When your quality score is high, its likely your keywords are going to be cheaper and most likely translate into conversions


With Google Search Engine Marketing campaigns, one can connect directly with potential clients and target audience through demographics criteria, geographic location, keywords, or the exact days or time that you are online. With the keywords, your small business will be exposed to the target market almost immediately when you begin your campaigns. In addition, the campaigns will allow you to reconnect with your previous clients. Also known as remarketing, it helps most potential clients decide to buy from you.

As mentioned earlier, Google Search Engine Marketing can help increase your online presence, enhancing your brand visibility and awareness. This leads to online leads and increases in sales.

Unlike SEO, SEM is not a matter of better technique, but the most applicable technique to your circumstances and budget. However, both paid and organic marketing are worth investing in, and using them at the same time can help your business grow more compared to relying on one technique.

The immediate answer to this is No you don’t. How much is the question and that we can answer here

We get this question a lot, but the truth is you don’t have to worry as you typically see 4 ads on the top of the page and not all competitors have a budget so large to ensure they cover the demand of searches online. Drop us a text we can prove to you that.