Simple steps for content marketing to create your empire

You must be rolling your eyes at the title. But hear us out!

Content isn’t just content. It is the voice of a brand and business. To prospective customers or clients, it is the public persona that gives them an image of the company. With the right content, you can have a client or customer base others will drool on.

Read on, and you might just end up creating your empire!

Step 1: Research your target audience

Before putting words to the paper, or screen, you must know who your target audience is.

But how do you do that?

Let’s say you own a bookstore and are just getting started with content marketing. You may have seen the social media posts your competitors have put up. Some have a ton of engagement, while others are so ignored that they could be mistaken for a brand new store.

This is the difference research makes! Because content marketing is not one size fits all, and in the worst-case scenario, you can not attract anyone to have an interest in your store. But if done right, your business can take off faster than you can say “profit”!

To get started, list the characteristics of your target audience. What is their age range? Are they still in education? What’s a rough estimate of their income? What are their interests? Where do they live? And on and on it can go!

This will help you shape the direction your content goes, as well as ensure that you do not waste precious time or money, creating content that flops because they do not resonate with your targets.

We know you’re grumbling about why we haven’t invented a device for mind reading yet? But, hey! No pain, no gain!

Step 2: What is so special about your brand?

Returning to our imaginary bookstore, now that you know what your audience is like, here comes the next question. How do you attract them?

You may become overwhelmed by other businesses. Putting your shop out while hoping for someone to notice you aren’t enough. Draw attention to yourself, which can be done by setting yourself apart from others.

Do you provide a gift with every purchase? Or a free membership? Or can you deliver to areas that aren’t covered? Dig out the notes on your target audience, and work from there.

But your competitors have done gifts and nationwide delivery to death! So, just up the game.

To sweeten the deal, you may highlight that you entitle every membership holder to a 10% discount for purchases above a certain amount and an exclusive voucher on their birthday. For deliveries, why not impose a low flat rate, or if your finances allow, at no cost?

This will also make yourself stick in the minds of your audience, and you will cease to be a run-of-the-mill bookstore that people pass by without giving a second glance,

Stop waiting for your turn in the spotlight, build your own!

 Step 3: How do you want to send the message?

There are different types of content marketing. You can find blog posts (like this!), videos, podcasts, social media postings, and newsletters. To decide which is best suited, look at the group you’re aiming at.

If they’re students who also are young adults, social media postings are the way to go! Attention spans are reported to be declining, if that’s a concern for you, a short video can be the best choice.

They’ll also decide the tone of the content. Some marketing catered to the younger generation may contain slang relevant to them to create a link between the audience and the material. Using slang, or casual words can create a carefree voice, which may give your brand a welcoming atmosphere.

The “vibe” of your brand can be an important push or pull factor. For example, if our hypothetical bookstore is aimed at full-time students with limited income, then an aura of luxury will not work. As luxury can appear expensive, and to a student with limited income, it’s going to turn them away. If you were to present a welcoming atmosphere, it will be an attraction, as you can assume that your potential customers will want a break from studies.

Psychology also comes into play here. Be prepared to delve deep into what makes your prospective targets tick!

Step 4: Create, publish, and evaluate.

It’s time to crack your knuckles and get down to business!

Follow the plan you’ve made in Steps 1 to 3 and start content marketing. Create a schedule to keep yourself organised. Maybe you want to post something every weekend or alternate between different forms every week.

Then it’s time for the most nerve-wracking part: waiting.

When you get results, compare them to the goals you have in mind. Have you got a higher level of engagement compared to the past? Did you reach your targeted number of followers on social media? Do you have more customers?

And have you attracted your wanted audience? If you answered yes, then you’re done! If not, review your content. Perhaps you can do more research? Or switch up the channels you’re using. Don’t be afraid to change and tweak your material.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a simple step.

This is just a summary

This blog post has been a long one, we don’t deny it, and to be honest, content marketing can’t be explained here fully without taking up pages upon pages.

You might be dipping your feet into this. That’s why you’re here, and it’s not a simple task.

Why not contact us at Cleverly? Instead of having to walk a thousand miles, take the clever route, click a few buttons, and we’ll take care of the rest.

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